ARCAF, the Association of Russian-speaking Craft, Art and Fashion, is a non-profit organization guided by its mandate to foster the creation and production of unique works of art and design by members of the Russian-speaking community in the Greater Toronto Area with the purpose of enriching the artistic, social and economic scene in Ontario.

The Association’s motto embodies the organization’s spirit:  Beauty inspires POSITIVITY.

ARCAF firmly believes that Russian-speaking artists and designers, though diverse in ethnic and religious origins, are united by one of the world’s finest cultural traditions. Russian-speaking artists and designers contribute greatly to the quality of life, sense of identity, feeling of belonging and, consequently, economic growth of their communities. Closely connected is their influence on shaping the future of their communities using the transformative power of art and the captivating quality of their vision, creativity and level of mastery.
The purpose of ARCAF is to benefit artists and craft persons through a dynamic network that connects its members with patrons, connoisseurs and consumers of their creations, encouraging interest in the spectacular and diverse artistic achievements of Russians. ARCAF offers a variety of services to its membership, including connecting them with existing resources in marketing, artistic education and business development in our province, as well as nurturing a new generation of Canadian artists with Russian cultural roots through grants, awards and scholarships.

The emphasis of ARCAF activities is advancing its members by creating innovative programs in response to their changing needs:

  • staging art events – shows, auctions, concerts, meetings, lectures and recitals;
  • conducting networking seminars;
  • providing marketing support through referral services, newsletters with regular art market updates and web advertising;
  • offering business development opportunities through consulting services, informational support and project-specific/ongoing grants and discount programs;
  • connecting members with their colleagues and critics through participation in international conferences, exhibitions, seminars, receptions, etc.;
  • organizing inter-cultural and inter-artistic collaboration;
  • building connections on the level of local, provincial and national governments;
  • ensuring continuity and preservation of cultural traditions through education;
  • creating an atmosphere of true camaraderie and common purpose by organizing parties, sales, field trips, biennale, art camps and more.

ARCAF envisions Russian-speaking artists and crafts people in Ontario as a strong and influential group of creative professionals who lead flourishing lives and whose extraordinary work and societal contributions are well-recognized and appreciated locally and internationally. Members of the association are volunteering their time and efforts towards making this vision come true by building strong ties between the arts and various sectors of education and the economy in Ontario.