Belarusian Folk Group “Javarovy Ludzi” Jan 12 2017

Сьпеўны гурт “Яваровы людзі”. Далучайцеся да родных традыцый!


Where – Elite Grande Restaurant And Banquet Hall
1126 Finch Ave W #7, North York, ON M3J 3J6

When – 8PM.

Tickets $10 are available at the entrance.
Music – “Javarovy Ludzi”
Fine Arts and Crafts – Irina Tovstik.


Folk group “Javarovy Ludzi” (Maple Folk) of Belarusian Canadian Alliance was established in 2001 in Toronto. Initially a group of Belarusian immigrants gathered casually to sing songs of their native Belarus. In twelve years the group evolved into a strong team that enjoys singing traditional Belarusian folk songs and performing folk dances.

“Javarovy Ludzi” is the only ensemble in Ontario which represents traditional musical culture of Belarus.
Isolated by swamps and forest Belarusian people managed to preserve hundreds year old East Slavonic traditions and rites.
Members of the group make traditional Belarusian costumes by hand using centuries-old traditional techniques. Some of the group’s costumes are dated back to XIX century.
The group is also engaged in reconstruction of Belarusian ancient rites where songs and dances interlace with the elements of folk theatre, such as Kupalle (Summer Solstice), Kalyady (Winter Solstice), Hukannie Viasny (Call of Spring), Radziny (Celebration of a Baby Being Born) and others.

The group utilizes an ancient technique for open-air singing. Some of songs sound exactly how they sounded hundreds years ago.
The musicians also reproduce the sound and feel of ancient Belarusian musical instruments and the atmosphere of traditional Belarusian gathering and parties.
Over the time being folk group “Javarovy Ludzi” performed more than a hundred times in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Kitchener, Gatineau, Kingston, New York and other places.




Javarovy Ludzi • Belarusian Canadian Alliance • 524 St. Clarence Ave., Toronto, ON
(416) 503 9527 •