Alexandr Kondrachov & Co, Nov 24 2016

Alexandr Kondrachov is a Toronto based musician and songwriter who was born in Tomsk, Russia. He has been singing and playing guitar from the age of 10. He has performed at various festivals and bars around Toronto with his own songs, as well as covers from russian rock and music from the soviet era. His influences range from a variety of different genres including folk/bard, jazz, rock and classical music. Currently he performs with accomplished, professional musicians as a trio. In addition to being a musician, he is also an artist. Alexandr holds an advanced diploma from Seneca College’s animation program, and is currently working as a background artist on one of Nickelodeon’s most ambitious shows.


Olga Rykov has established herself as a concert violinist in the early days of her career. After moving to Canada from Belarus, where she has been studying music for 6 years, Olga continued her violin education under the tutelage of Yaёla Hertz and Jonathan Crow as part of her Bachelor’s Degree at McGill University. During her time as an emerging violinist she has appeared as the concertmaster of the National Youth Orchestra of Canada and toured all over Canada. Ms. Rykov has been sought after as a chamber musician and has regularly collaborated with colleagues in chamber music concerts. In addition she presented a number of independent violin recitals with the internationally acclaimed pianist Jean Desmarais. Recently she has acted as the Associate Concertmaster with the North Bay Symphony, dividing her time between performance and teaching. In February of 2015 Ms. Rykov was featured as the soloist with the NBSO. Olga Rykov’s passion for classical music and dedication to exquisite programming has not diminished her interest in other genres of music. She is an active violinist and singer of folk, pop and jazz bands and enjoys adapting to new music she discovers along the way.


Daniel Slessarev began his music journey playing piano at the age of 3. Having attended a dedicated music school, he learned the fundamentals of pitch and theory early on, which created the perfect groundwork for his lifelong passion in music. At the age of 10, Daniel chose the saxophone as his new primary instrument. Over the next 18 years, he has honed his craft by performing countless times in the many venues of Toronto. Daniel’s main style influences are jazz, funk and soul. However, he does not shy away from other genres, and likes the challenge of incorporating his sound in new and unexpected ways.