The Phusioners – Latin, jazz, country, rock music, Sep 29 2016

The Phusioners is a recently created musical group conformed by two experienced amateur musicians whose path crossed by a life coincidence in Canada: Serge Ristic has a direct influence from his Serbo-Croatian background and his insatiable searching for musical experimentation with different genres such as jazz, bossanova, country music and rock. He is a great guitarist and a keyboard improviser.

Edik Evangelista contributes with the Spanish heritage of Rumba Flamenco, Boleros and love songs that traditionally have made an influence on his playing. He plays the guitar and he is a passionate “Cajon” (box) percussionist.

Both Serge and Edik can be vocal leads in their own range and style and they have the ability to sing in several languages such as English, Russian, Serbo-Croatian, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese. This linguistic and musical blend enables to bring to the public a wide repertoire that constitutes a musical delicacy to everyone.