Jakob Wainshtein

Jakob Wainshtein is a Renaissance man, born in 1944 in Stalingrad, Russia. He graduated from high school in 1961 in Vilnius, Lithuania and was accepted to Moscow University of Aviation, Russia. Jakob graduated with high honors in 1968 with a Master’s Degree in Spacecraft and Missile Engineering from one on the best universities of Russia.

Back in high school he honed his woodcarving skills building hand-made glider aircraft at the dawn of the sport.

While being an accomplished veteran of spaceship and missile engineering where he had contributed for 40 years, with multiple recognized achievements, patents and inventions, Jacob has been always fascinated with human and nature’s beauty and perfection, which inspired his artwork. While advanced mechanics and aerodynamics has been Jacob’s professional career, wood carving has become Jacob’s lifetime hobby and often was a helpful tool for modeling and prototyping for his engineering projects. His life has always been filled with passion and a pioneering spirit that led to many hobbies, such as artistic photography, underwater photography, scuba diving, underwater archaeology, piloting gliders and skydiving.

After an illustrious engineering career filled with patents and awards, his true life’s passions have brought the high school woodworking beginnings full circle. Currently he is concentrating full time on his art, which showcases the organic sensuality and beauty of the female form in the organic medium of wood.

Group Exhibitions:
2013 Sculpture in the Park Show, Aug 9-11, Loveland, CO, USA
2012 Sculpture in the Park Show, Aug 10-12, Loveland, CO, USA
2012 Kodiak Gallery, Feb-July, Toronto, ON, Canada
2011 Sculpture in the Park Show, Aug 12-14, Loveland, CO, USA
2010 Made of Wood Show, Apr 24- May 16, Alton, ON, Canada
2010 Laurier Gallery, Jun 5-27, Toronto, ON Canada
2010 Valentine`s Day Show, Feb. 3-13 Gallery Hittite, Toronto
2010 3-3-3 Group Show, Jan. 8-30, Gallery Hittite, Toronto
2009 Annual Winter Group Show, Dec. 9-23, Gallery Hittite, Toronto

Art and Artistic Works:
1980 – Current Wooden sculpture, unique style and method of carving from solid wood
1977, 1978 Won artistic photography awards, Russia
1970 – 1980 Participated in several artistic photography exhibitions and contests, Russia

Web-site: www.jakobwainshteinart.com
E-mail: jakobwainshteinart@gmail.com