Reena Green

Reena Green one of the hottest jewelry, clothes and accessories designers in Canada, has taken the world of fashion by the storm.Exposure to diverse cultures, dramatic landscapes and exotic art forms shaped her vision. An overwhelming desire to make the world a better, much more vibrant and harmonious place gave her courage to experiment with colors, forms and decorative elements. Together with strong historic references, they turn her one-of-a-kind clothing, jewelry and fashion designs into truly precious collections of heirloom pieces.She carried her love for dramatic theatrical effects and high voltage performances through life, and fashion shows and concerts she has staged and produced over the recent years, participating in various festivals and cultural events in Toronto. Yet, the biggest gift she possesses is to discover other creative artists and crafts persons, and help to grow professionally.Reena has conceived the ARCAF idea, in 2010 and has always been a driving force behind its founding, taking it from a general concept to its successful launching.

“Reena is passionate about her craft in a sincere and pure way.
A true master of creativity she crosses all boundaries and can easily transfer her design visions into any medium clothing hats jewelry and her life in general.
She is in no way encumbered by ridiculously short timeliness and her design gift can be tapped almost instantaneously.
A true creator of beautiful whimsy and one of a kind creations whatever the medium and her animated personality is infectious!”
Enza Checchia President/Founder at Decorenza and Hats on for Awareness

“Her jewelry features clusters of pearls in asymmetrical designs, Swarovski crystals, gem stones in deep colors and unusual cuts or pale, smoothly polished organic shapes, delicate chains of silver and gold and modern curved or twisted metal.
She also has a soft spot for veils, hats, headbands and hair clips. Hers are adorned with everything from jewels and ribbons to handmade flowers and feathers to netting and fabric-covered wire.” “Women often don’t see their own beauty. I want to open their eyes so they can be … confident in their own unique style,” Reena says.
Lee Ann Waterman    Editor, Magazines and Special Sections