Anna Khokhlova

Anna Khokhlova. I was born December 1, 1978, in an old Siberian city Irkutsk, Russia. It is located close to picturesque Baikal Lake. Before I came to Canada, I lived in this city and studied there too.

From 1996-2000 I was studying in Irkutsk Art College specializing in Decorative-Applied Arts and Folk Crafts. Then from 2000-2005 I was studying in Irkutsk State Technical University specializing in of Decorative Sculpture Art. I graduated with Honors. While I was studying in my third year in university from 2002-2003, I worked as a designer in a company on outdoor advertizing manufacturing. I consulted with clients to establish the overall look, graphic elements and content of communications materials in order to met their needs, and developed the graphic elements that meet the clients’ objectives. Also I prepared sketches and graphic elements of the subjects to be rendered using traditional tools, multimedia software and image processing, and layout and design software.

After I finished university, I worked as a designer in a company manufacturing products from glass. I worked there for two years before arriving in Canada. In Canada I worked at “3 Art Design” company in Toronto for two years. I created drawings, made sketches for metal railings, fences, lattices, gates, and lamps. At the same time I continued to paint and draw my own pictures, which I continue to do.